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title: wishlist
# [trop.in](/)/wishlist

There is a list of some stuff I would like to have, but don't have
yet.  It's a good option for a present, as well an item you would like
to sell to me or bring to me from a location I rarely visit.

- [Monk Plus Earphones](https://aliexpress.com/item/32417311324.html) ::
  compact and high-quality headphones.  Black color with type-c cable.
  I would like to try a built-in mic.

- [Kakwa 55](https://durstongear.com/products/kakwa-55) :: a
  well-designed durable, roomy and light backpack with a frame,
  roll-top and good set of straps and pockets.  No unecessary stuff,
  bells and whistles.

- [Japanese ThinkPad X1
  Nano](https://www.lenovo.com/jp/ja/search?fq=&text=x1%20nano) :: a
  very lightweight, but durable laptop.  I'm highly interested in
  version with japanese
  layout, it has a smaller space and additional three button around
  it, that can be used as modifier to reduce a strain on the pinky.

- [Nitecore
  :: type-C light head lamp, the [BLACK DIAMOND Deploy Run
  Light](https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CBL5FSYH) looks ok too.

- [Orange Petzl
  :: I don't usually take it to the rocks, but it looks like a nice
  climbing accessory.

- [Sport Climbing Training
  :: it's hard to allocate time for preparing workout plans, and it
  would be cool if some professional will make a training plan, so I
  can spend more time on what I usually [do](/does).

- [Hammock](https://www.amazon.com/Therm-a-Rest-Slacker-Hammock-House/dp/B06XH2L5PX)
  :: some comfortable hammock with net, not necessary the one linked.

If you want to support me and projects I work on, visit a
[support](/support) page instead.