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title: main
title: Andrew Tropin
  <h1 class="title">trop.in</h1>
    I'm Andrew Tropin, I hack on operating systems and programming
    languages, <a href="./does">improve</a> Guix and Guile Scheme
    and <a href="./does">do</a> a lot of Free and Open Source software
    development along the way.
    Probably you are interested in some of my educational materials:

        <a href="https://diode.zone/c/andrewtropin/videos">PeerTube</a> and
        <a href="https://youtube.com/@abcdw">YouTube</a> ::
        educational streams and videos.
      <li><a href="/blog">trop.in/blog</a> :: text articles.</li>
      <li><a href="https://github.com/abcdw/notes/tree/master/notes">Notes</a>
        :: knowledge base, thoughts and notes.</li>
    Probably you are interested in
    yt <a href="https://youtube.com/@abcdw">channel</a>,
    <a href="/stream">streams</a> or
    text <a href="/blog">blog</a>.
    RDE project page is <a href="./rde/ ">here</a>.
    rde project is <a href="./rde/ ">here</a>.
    With our talented team we <a href="./does">provide</a> a range of
    services in a number of areas: consultancy, development and
    education in Programming Languages, Development Tooling and

    You can find Andrew's contacts <a href="./contact">here</a> and what
    he does <a href="./does">here</a>.
    To get in touch with me see <a href="./contact">contact</a> page,
    to bolster me and my work visit <a href="./support">support</a>
  <!-- guile markdown can't insert arbitrary html yet -->
  <a rel="me" href="https://fosstodon.org/@abcdw" hidden="hidden">Mastodon</a>
  <h2 id="guix-mirror">Guix Mirror and Installation Image</h2>
  <h2 id="infrastructure-projects">Infrastructure Projects for Communities</h2>
      <a href="./guix">Here</a> you can find information about guix mirror and
link to custom installation ISO.
      <a href="./guix">Here</a> you can find information about guix
proxies, yggdrasil and links to custom installation ISO.