rde: emacs: Add emacs-dmenu command

Signed-off-by: Andrew Tropin <andrew@trop.in>
rde: databases: Export postgresql-role

User experience is more simple if we don't have to add other modules than the
one provided with the feature in user configuration. Re-export postgresl-role
to avoid the need to load another module.
packages: emacs-xyz: Add emacs-zotra
rde: adding isync provider settings
rde: adding msmtp provider settings
rde: emacs-citar: Add bibtex-dialect argument
rde: emacs-citar: Fix aux modes loading condition
rde: presets: Add feature-batsignal to rde-desktop
rde: wm: Add feature-batsignal
rde: waybar: Use waybar-stable package
examples: channels-lock: Update 2023-09-13
rde: fonts: Add font-liberation by default
rde: emacs-xyz: Add TODOs and comments
rde: clojure: Show repl buffer on connect
rde: waybar: Add waybar-custom.
rde: emacs: Remove wayland clipboard fix.

It's not needed anymore.
rde: compile: Remove *grep* from default value of buffers-to-ignore.

The notification won't trigger for visible buffers anymore.
rde: compile: Reduce notification timeout to 1 second.
rde: compile: Don't notify if buffer is visible.
packages: fonts: Add font-iosevka-nerd.