Move examples to the root of the repo.
Move sources to src subdirectory.
rde: tempel: Add templates file.
rde: examples: abcdw: Remove stale comments.
rde: tmux: Add copyright preamble.
rde: tmux: Rename arguments.
rde: tmux: Remove dependencies on home-services.
rde: shellutils: Remove dependencies on home-services.
rde: serializers: Make a separate module for elisp serializer.
home: emacs: Export Emacs-specific serialization utilities.
rde: serializers: Generalize elisp serializer to sexp serializer.
rde: sway-run-on-tty: Add logs file for sway.
rde: examples: abcdw: Add TODO, remove commented import.
rde: examples: abcdw: Source templates from guix package sources.
rde: examples: abcdw: Add org-protocol, elfeed, citar.
rde: examples: abcdw: Add control-path to ssh config.
rde: examples: abcdw: Add feature-spelling with hunspell.
rde: examples: abcdw: Use default waybar and fancy swaylock.
doc: Add regular expressions cheatsheet and Clojure subsection.
rde: clojure: Remove cljr in favor of eglot.