rde: Make get-value always require value if default is not provided
rde: prolog: Update casing in docstring
rde: android: Add adbusers group and corresponding udev rules
examples: ixy: Remove stale file-systems and mapped-devices
examples: abcdw: Remove geiser and org-wild-notifier packages
examples: abcdw: Add feature-android
examples: abcdw: Remove librewolf package, add dino
examples: abcdw: Update agenda format string
examples: abcdw: Remove rde TODO from agenda
examples: abcdw: Add podman and distrobox, remove docker
rde: org: Temporary disable org-appear-mode

Due to recent updates in org API, it's became broken.
rde: emacs-dape: Remove upstreamed package
packages: Remove upstreamed eglot and jsonrpc
examples: channels-lock: Update 2024-07-06
rde: Add feature-prolog

Signed-off-by: Andrew Tropin <andrew@trop.in>
rde: org-agenda: Fix emacs-feature-loader build

Signed-off-by: Andrew Tropin <andrew@trop.in>
system: cloud-init: Export cloud-init-config
system: cloud-init: Add primary-drive to cloud-init-config
rde: containers: Add feature-distrobox
rde: modus-themes: Fix emacs-feature-loader build

Signed-off-by: Andrew Tropin <andrew@trop.in>