rde: notmuch: Set notmuch as a mail user agent in emacs.
rde: mail: Generate default signature for messages.
rde: mail: Change mail-signature to message-signature.
rde: mail: Add --read-envelope-from to git's sendmailcmd.
rde: emacs: appearance: Use fg-only-deuteranopia for diffs.

Looks unusual, but it's more colorblind friendly, less distractive and
easier to read.
rde: pass: Refactor emacs configurations, add embark actions.
rde: base: Rename advanced-*-user fields.

This naming shows a scope with rde-/emacs- prefix more clearly.
rde: emacs: Add emacs-consult and emacs-embark rde values.
rde: emacs: Use rde- instead of rde/ for function prefix.
171578fe — Demis Balbach 7 days ago
rde: password-utils: Add pass.el emacs integration


DISCLAIMER: I don't know if you have the need of something like
this. But I always like using this with my password-store. Ultimately
it's up to you if something like that should be merged, but I think some
users may benefit from it.

This patch adds integration of pass.el, password-store.el and
password-store-otp.el IF `feature-emacs' is enabled.

In addition, if `feature-completion' is enabled, it defines
`rde/consult-pass', which allows to search the password-store using

Looking through your other emacs related features, I set the global
keybinding to `M-g p' (p for password), that fits to how you bind stuff
generally. But you have to decide that ultimately.

I looked at DOOM's implementation of pass, which can be found here:

`pass.el' and `password-store.el' offer a lot of function to fetch various things
from the store, just run `M-x pass` then lookup functions like `M-x pass
copy' and you'll find a lot of functions.

DOOM defines some wrapper functions to make use of them, you can find
them here:

But I don't know whats worth implementing and what not. I guess it would
be nice to have function to fetch the username quickly. There is
`pass-copy-username' but that only works if the field is called
`username'. An alternative is `pass-copy-field' then interactively
picking the one.

Best regards,

Demis Balbach
rde: git: Untabify.
rde: msmtp: Provide configuration for git send-email.
320b766d — Demis Balbach 8 days ago
rde: version-control: Setup feature-git for send-email.
rde: packages: Add builder to emacs-consumer.
rde: packages: Add missing build-system import.
rde: packages: Add emacs-consumer package.
c5aab442 — Demis Balbach 9 days ago
rde: mail: Add signature to feature-emacs-message.
rde: mail: Set msmtp conditionally in feature-emacs-message.

Also change custom-set-variables to setq.
rde: features: Add a suggestion to relogin on env vars change.
rde: mail: Ensure mail dirs for accounts created during activation.