edde774a08c76151d699d184d456af8a3d06876b — Andrew Tropin 2 months ago c752eca
rde: fonts: Add font-liberation by default
1 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M src/rde/features/fontutils.scm
M src/rde/features/fontutils.scm => src/rde/features/fontutils.scm +4 -1
@@ 88,7 88,10 @@
          (emacs-fontaine emacs-fontaine)
          (use-serif-for-variable-pitch? #t)
          (extra-fontaine-presets '())
          (extra-font-packages (list font-gnu-unifont)))
          ;; font-liberation needed for proper rendering of sites/pdfs using
          ;; Times, Helvetica, Nimbus.  Use pdffonts from poppler package to
          ;; check what fonts are needed for pdf.
          (extra-font-packages (list font-gnu-unifont font-liberation)))
  "Configure fonts.  DEFAULT-FONT-SIZE will be used for making
font-monospace default value, and it will be ignored if
#:font-monospace argument is specified."