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TODO: Update tasks.
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*** TODO Implement home service nyxt
- Install extensions for Nyxt, see [[https://github.com/atlas-engineer/nyxt/blob/master/documents/EXTENSIONS.org#L1][here]]
** TODO Make gtk home service
** TODO Make system service for Guix Home
** DONE Make system service for Guix Home
SCHEDULED: <2022-07-21 Thu>
- [X] Install Guix on qemu and make it accessible via guix deploy.

Allows to make home-environment a part of operating-system and thus
use without ~guix home~ subcommand.
** TODO Make it possible to specify the verbosity for ~guix home reconfigure~
** CANCELLED Make it possible to specify the verbosity for ~guix home reconfigure~
By default, only the path to the home environment should be shown,
** TODO Implement pam_shepherd.so
** CANCELLED Implement pam_shepherd.so
Start user-space shepherd on first user login and exit on last logout.
- [[https://github.com/systemd/systemd/blob/c5b6b4b6d08cf4c16a871401358faeb5a186c02a/src/login/pam_systemd.c][pam_systemd.c]]
- https://www.opennet.ru/base/dev/pam_linux.txt.html

@@ 30,8 33,11 @@ creation.
** First Release                                                 :release_1:
*** DONE Add a package with rde info file
*** TODO Prepare rde iso with HE inside
*** TODO Setup ci and substitutes
*** DONE Add integrate-he-in-os? flag to rde-config
SCHEDULED: <2022-08-03 Wed>
*** TODO Move live-os to install or other apropriate place
*** DONE Setup ci
*** TODO Setup substitutes
*** TODO Place a release-tag tag
** TODO Visually separate sway workspaces for different workflows
- code

@@ 53,9 59,15 @@ https://framagit.org/tyreunom/guix-home-manager/-/merge_requests/7/diffs#fde3157
** TODO Add feature-emacs-sdcv
Dictionaries: http://download.huzheng.org/
See also emacs-multitran
** TODO Add feature-emacs-smartparens
** TODO Debug screensharing and xdg portals
** TODO Configure orderless
** TODO Add user field to email account
** DONE Add feature-emacs-corfu or extend feature-completion
SCHEDULED: <2022-06-27 Mon>
** DONE Add feature-emacs-smartparens
SCHEDULED: <2022-06-20 Mon>
** DONE Debug screensharing and xdg portals
** DONE Configure orderless
SCHEDULED: <2022-07-14 Thu>
** TODO Configure icecat profiles