6501c20c404c169a3e165793197890ee64c1476a — Miguel Ángel Moreno 3 months ago 047535c
rde: emacs-dired: Replace default switches with extra switches.

Makes more sense as the only default switch should be -l, which must be
present as per dired-listing-switches.
1 files changed, 13 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

M src/rde/features/emacs-xyz.scm
M src/rde/features/emacs-xyz.scm => src/rde/features/emacs-xyz.scm +13 -8
@@ 1110,11 1110,11 @@ path /sudo:HOST:/path if the user in sudoers.")))
          (emacs-dired-rsync emacs-dired-rsync)
          (kill-when-opening-new-buffer? #f)
          (group-directories-first? #f)
          (default-switches "-l -h"))
          (extra-switches "-h"))
  (ensure-pred boolean? kill-when-opening-new-buffer?)
  (ensure-pred boolean? group-directories-first?)
  (ensure-pred file-like? emacs-dired-rsync)
  (ensure-pred string? default-switches)
  (ensure-pred maybe-string? extra-switches)

  (define emacs-f-name 'dired)
  (define f-name (symbol-append 'emacs- emacs-f-name))

@@ 1130,13 1130,18 @@ path /sudo:HOST:/path if the user in sudoers.")))
          "(dired \"" (car (cdr (command-line))) "\")")))
    (define dired-listing-switches
       (list default-switches
        (list "-l"
              (if group-directories-first?
        (if extra-switches
             (list extra-switches)
             (if (get-value 'emacs-advanced-user? config)
                 "-A --time-style=long-iso"
             (if group-directories-first?
                 (list "-A --time-style=long-iso")
                 (list "-a")))
       " "))
    (define zip (get-value 'zip config (@ (gnu packages compression) zip)))
    (define rsync (get-value 'rsync config (@ (gnu packages rsync) rsync)))