4317b9d171377b51547df3e2cc8dff80f65e47bb — Xinglu Chen 4 months ago 34fd2a3
gnu: home-services: ssh: Fix call to ‘serialize-alist’.

* ssh.scm (home-ssh-configuration): Call ‘serialize-alist’ with
#:toplevel? #t instead of #f

Reported-by: ixmpp on IRC
1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M gnu/home-services/ssh.scm
M gnu/home-services/ssh.scm => gnu/home-services/ssh.scm +1 -1
@@ 198,7 198,7 @@ would this:
Include /some/path/to/file
@end example"
   (lambda (field-name val)
     (serialize-alist field-name val #:toplevel? #f)))
     (serialize-alist field-name val #:toplevel? #t)))
   (listof-ssh-host-or-ssh-match '())
   "List of configurations for other hosts.  Something like this: