34148bdc9e5fa51a5ca510700fd8002b7a0d66ee — Andrew Tropin 2 months ago d0cc15b
rde: compile: Don't notify if buffer is visible.
1 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

M src/rde/features/shellutils.scm
M src/rde/features/shellutils.scm => src/rde/features/shellutils.scm +6 -0
@@ 84,6 84,12 @@
          ;; TODO: Don't send notification on interrupt
          (when (and rde-compile-notify-on-finish-p
                     (not (string= desc "interrupt\n")) ; it is in user focus rn
                     ;; frame in the focus and buffer is visible
                      ;; comparing to t make sense because return value can be
                      ;; not only nil, but also 'unknown
                      (and (equal t (frame-focus-state (selected-frame)))
                           (get-buffer-window buffer)))
                     (not (member buffer rde-compile-buffers-to-ignore)))
            (require 'notifications)