Asynchronous Reliable Extensible IDE for Guile Scheme
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1. Introduction

Asynchronous Reliable Extensible IDE for Guile Scheme. It's based on nREPL protocol, intended for use with guile-ares-rs, but can be used as an nREPL client with other servers as well.

2. Usage

  1. Install Arei (Guile Scheme IDE for Emacs).
  2. Install Gulie Ares RS (an nREPL-compatible RPC server for guile).

The easiest way is to create an environment with guix package manager, the usual approaches for installing emacs and guile packages will work too.

Run nREPL-compatible RPC server (make sure that guile-ares-rs and all your project sources and dependencies are on load path):

guix shell guile-next guile-ares-rs -- \ # line is optional, sets needed load paths
guile -c '((@ (nrepl server) run-nrepl-server) #:port 7888)'

Run Emacs with Arei package installed (available).

guix shell emacs emacs-arei -- \ # line is optional, it provides Emacs and Arei

Make sure Arei package is loaded (require 'arei), open Scheme buffer and connect to RPC server M-x sesman-start RET (C-c C-s C-s), if your server is run on a different port, use universal argument (prefix): C-u M-x sesman-start RET.

Enjoy your meal!

3. Contributing

Send patches to rde-devel mailing list in format: [PATCH emacs-arei 0/3] SUBJECT-HERE.

Send feedback to rde-discuss.

Author: Alice's brother

Created: 2023-12-05 Tue 10:10