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{"title": "Peering with AS4242420827 on dn42" ,"date": "2020-11-25 17:00" ,"toc": false} ...

A while ago I joined dn42, a virtual network on top of the Internet. It's an environment where you can study, explore, and deploy the very technologies at the core of Internet routing, like BGP and DNS.

Over at the LORKEP looking glass (dn42 link) you can look at who I'm directly connected to and how packets go from my network to another. Here is all the ways I can reach burble, for example.

All my nodes are listed on the dn42 peerfinder, which you can use to find the peers closest to you. If you haven't yet done so, I recommend giving it a try.

To set up peering, you can message aasg on hackint or any of my listed contact details in the dn42 registry.

#General information

  • ASN: I operate AS4242420827.
  • VPN: I have the most experience with WireGuard tunnels. I'm also open to trying out other tunnel types.
  • BGP: Unless stated otherwise, multiprotocol BGP is supported, but since my presence on dn42 is IPv6-only, that's the only protocol I negotiate.


Location ~ Nuremberg, Germany (provider: netcup)

Bandwidth ~ > 100 Mbps (link_bandwidth = 24) ~ Actually 1 Gbps downlink, but uplink has issues.

Hostname / VPN endpoint ~ behemoth.lorkep.trade:5XXXX, where XXXX is the last 4 digits of your ASN (AS4242420000 to AS4242423999 only)

WireGuard public key ~ 6oDGG1ssnWdXR9vSeUKsaExw0Ze3005NmLG/Nyb0fEE=

BGP endpoint ~ fe80::2174:c008:1460:d271 (link-local) ~ fde0:9750:6d9d:fe80:your:net:here:1 (ULA)


Location ~ São Paulo, Brazil (provider: Oracle)

Bandwidth ~ 50 Mbps (link_bandwidth = 23)

Hostname / VPN endpoint ~ charybdis.lorkep.trade:5XXXX, where XXXX is the last 4 digits of your ASN (AS4242420000 to AS4242423999 only) ~ IPv4 only.

WireGuard public key ~ 3/BEqT+6C3tyZNwJNnqePkez+knyOJOlFEs+J2xD62s=

BGP endpoint ~ fe80::420e:5160:a89f:5607 (link-local) ~ fde0:9750:6d9d:fe80:your:net:here:1 (ULA)


Location ~ Beauharnois, Canada (provider: Hosterlabs / OVH)

Bandwidth ~ 200 Mbps (link_bandwidth = 24)

Hostname / VPN endpoint ~ shingebiss.lorkep.trade:5XXXX, where XXXX is the last 4 digits of your ASN (AS4242420000 to AS4242423999 only) ~ IPv6 only.

WireGuard public key ~ OwQeiRnPmE3/28I0lWP3TD9JZOSULAmnEAIbSw0wtBY=

BGP endpoint ~ fe80::c13c:3759:4b20:e63f (link-local) ~ fde0:9750:6d9d:fe80:your:net:here:1 (ULA)