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{"title": "LLYN operations report, 2021-W21"
,"date": "2021-06-01 02:45"
,"lang": "en"
,"tags": ["lorkep lri", "llyn", "dn42", "network", "nixos", "arm"]

This is the report for 24–30 May 2021 on the state and activities of Lorkep [LLYN], a virtual network and autonomous system operating on [dn42].
Work continues on the upgrade to NixOS 21.05, and the network now has its first Arm machine.

## NixOS 21.05 upgrade

A brief recap: the [Nixpkgs] Git repository contains multiple branches tracking the lifecycle of a NixOS release:

1. The `master` branch is Nixpkgs' main development branch.
   New packages and modules, updates, and NixOS module changes usually go here first.
2. The <code>release-<var>YY</var>.<var>MM</var></code> branches corresponds to a NixOS release.
   It mostly sees package security updates and bug fixes in NixOS modules backported from `master`.
3. The <code>nixpkgs-<var>\*</var></code> and <code>nixos-<var>\*</var></code> branches are CI-tested versions of the above, and always point to a commit in their source branch that was successfully built and tested by [Hydra].
   `nixpkgs-unstable` tracks `master` and only ensures that package builds don't fail; `nixos-unstable` does the same but also runs NixOS module tests; and <code>nixos-<var>YY</var>.<var>MM</var></code> tests packages and modules from the matching <code>release-<var>YY</var>.<var>MM</var></code> branch.

NixOS configurations for LLYN machines track two NixOS branches as [flake inputs]: a stable input from which most of the system is built, and an unstable input from which particular modules and packages are backported.
The stable input follows a release channel (like `nixos-20.09`), while the unstable input usually follows `nixos-unstable`.

At the start of the week, the unstable input was updated to an Hydra-tested commit in the `release-21.05` branch, as at the time the `nixos-21.05` branch did not yet exist.
Once NixOS 21.05 is released, the stable input will be updated to follow its release channel and the unstable input will be removed until a package needs to be backported again.

Additionally, as mentioned in [the previous report][w20-upgrade], a list of changes in NixOS 21.05 affecting LLYN machines has already been compiled and will be used to guide configuration updates after the stable input is updated.

## Peering updates

A single new peering was added this week, with AS4242421123 on Behemoth.

## New machines

Thanks to Oracle Cloud's new [Arm-based compute offering], a new node in the network was provisioned adjacent to Charybdis.
The current plan is for it to serve as storage server for backups and file synchronization, as well as a [Nix remote builder] for `aarch64-linux`.

## Task list for 2021-W22

Unchanged from the previous week.

[arm-based compute offering]: https://blogs.oracle.com/cloud-infrastructure/arm-based-cloud-computing-is-the-next-big-thing-introducing-arm-on-oci
[dn42]: https://dn42.dev
[flake inputs]: https://nixos.wiki/wiki/Flakes#Input_schema
[hydra]: https://hydra.nixos.org
[llyn]: https://llyn.lorkep.trade
[nix remote builder]: https://nixos.org/manual/nix/stable/index.html#chap-distributed-builds
[nixpkgs]: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs
[w20-upgrade]: lri-log-2021w20.html#nixos-upgrade