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{"title": "LRI operations report, 2021-W20"
,"date": "2021-05-25 08:35"
,"lang": "en"
,"tags": ["lorkep lri", "dn42", "network"]

This is the report for 17–23 May 2021 on the state and activities of Lorkep [LLYN], a virtual network and autonomous system operating on [dn42].
As expected, no major changes happened on the NixOS side of the network; outside that, however, a new experimental IX peering has been set up.

## NixOS upgrade

No preliminary work on the NixOS 21.05 upgrade was done during 2021-W20, as the [`release-21.05` branch-off] was performed on late 22 May, and a [successful Hydra build] that included the [last `staging-next` merge] did not occur until 24 May.

As of this writing, however, the `nixos-configurations` repository already includes a list of relevant release notes and a task list of packages, options, and modules to update, compiled during early 25 May.

## Peering updates

[nicholascw] is operating a dn42 [IX] whereabouts Chicago.
LLYN has set up a point of presence there in an experimental capacity, and as of yet it is not linked to the rest of the network.

New regular peerings were also established with AS4242420780 on Behemoth, and with AS4242423646 and AS4242421080 on Charybdis.
South America now has a grand total of four dn42 networks operating down here, up from two.

## Task list for 2021-W21

- Now that a 21.05 build is available, work on upgrading the NixOS configurations can begin.
- A strategy to link LLYN-31 (hosted at PiaoxIX) to the rest of LLYN needs to be devised.

[dn42]: https://dn42.dev
[ix]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_exchange_point
[last `staging-next` merge]: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/124090
[llyn]: https://llyn.lorkep.trade
[nicholascw]: https://nicholas.wang
[`release-21.05` branch-off]: https://discourse.nixos.org/t/21-05-release-schedule/12528/5
[successful hydra build]: https://hydra.nixos.org/build/143983197