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pages/dn42: Remove mention of Charybdis as IPv4-only

Since nixos-configurations@c00b0c7c8c3f, we're now using Oracle Cloud's
just-announced IPv6 support instead of Hurricane Electric's tunnel,
which means peers can now connect over IPv6 without first travelling
to Miami.
1 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M pages/dn42.md
M pages/dn42.md => pages/dn42.md +0 -1
@@ 51,7 51,6 @@ Bandwidth

Hostname / VPN endpoint
~ `charybdis.lorkep.trade:5XXXX`, where `XXXX` is the last 4 digits of your ASN (AS4242420000 to AS4242423999 only)
~ IPv4 only.

WireGuard public key
~ `3/BEqT+6C3tyZNwJNnqePkez+knyOJOlFEs+J2xD62s=`