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{"title": "LRI operations report, 2021-W14"
,"date": "2021-04-13 01:30"
,"lang": "en"
,"tags": ["lorkep lri", "dn42", "network"]
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This is the 5–11 April 2021 report on the state and activities of the Lorkep Long-Range Interconnect, a virtual network and autonomous system operating on [dn42].
This was a slow week, with only two major news.

On the peering front, Behemoth is now connected to AS4242423240 and AS4242423770, bringing its count of peers to 14 and the total of peered networks across the LRI to 19.

The new Asia-Pacific node hinted at in the past few reports went live for about seven hours before a misconfiguration made it unbootable.
Azure's slowness during the recovery attempt, with some actions taking well over half an hour each, and the lack of a VNC console led to a reevaluation and the full decomissioning of the node.
Other providers are now being looked at.

To compensate for the failure of the planned Asia-Pacific node, a new node was established in Novosibirsk, Russia.
[Chernava] is intended to attend new peers in Central Asia and, to some extent, serve as a stopgap for East Asia peers.

## Task list for 2021-W15
No tasks this week, as focus is diverted to other projects.

[chernava]: dn42.html#chernava
[dn42]: https://dn42.dev