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#aasg's most experimental weblog – haunted edition

built with nix builds.sr.ht status

This is the source code for my blog, built with Haunt, and this file documents the guts of the beast, should I forget them or need an index of what is accepted where.

#Post metadata

The following metadata is applicable to all posts:

  • title (required): post title
  • date (required): publication date
  • author: name or handle of the author of the post; default set in haunt.scm
  • author-profile: site or profile page of the author
  • lang: language of the post content
  • slug: post filename; defaults to the source filename
  • tags: list of categories the post is filed under

Posts written in reply to another work can include references to that work:

  • in-reply-to (required): URL of the work being replied to
  • irt-description or irt-title: short description or proper title of the work
  • irt-author: name or handle of the author of the work
  • irt-author-profile (requires irt-author): site or profile page of the author