Utility scripts for the ASUS T100TA running GNU/Linux
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Utility scripts for the ASUS T100TA running GNU/Linux.

Some utility bash scripts for the ASUS T100TA.

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Note: The scripts in this project were created and tested for the ASUS T100TA running Debian GNU/Linux 10 Buster. These scripts should work on other GNU/Linux distributions and similar hardware as well with minor or no modifications.

Why these scripts

These utility scripts provide some functionalities that are missing or partially implemented in GNU/Linux systems because of bugs and still unsupported hardware. Please check the page Debian Wiki - Debian on ASUS T100TA for a summary of the issues still affecting the T100TA with Debian.

How the scripts work

Screen rotator script

This script can perform two actions:

  • rotate the script from landscape mode to portrait mode and vice versa;
  • enable an automatic rotation mode using the on-board accelerometers.

The input devices (e.g. touchscreen, touchpad) are rotated accordingly.

The automatic rotation mode makes use of monitor-sensor from the package iio-sensor-proxy.

Please note that the GNOME Desktop Environment already provides several functionalities based on iio-sensor-monitor, therefore GNOME users should have no need of this script. For the KDE Plasma desktop environment see Bug 353463 - RFE: Make use of iio-sensor-proxy.

Brightness control script

This script can change the the brightness of the screen using xrandr. xrandr does not actually act on the screen backlight but it works by applying gamma corrections. These are software only modifications and do not have any impact on the power consumption (meaning no battery saving).

This script was created because of the lack of a working method to control the backlight of the screen.

How to use the scripts

User defined variables in the first section of the scripts need to be set so to reflect user's setup. Then the script can be launched as usual, check the help with e.g.:

./screen-rotator --help


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